๐Ÿ”ฅBurn STAR and MET tokens

In StarMet, we have implemented various ways to burn STAR and MET tokens to reduce their circulation and increase their value over time, making the tokens more valuable. Here is a summary of the token burn strategies in the game:

  1. Purchase of NFTs with STAR TOKENS: Every time an NFT purchase is made, 60% of the STAR tokens are burned, contributing to reducing the circulating supply and increasing scarcity.

  2. In-game battles: When participating in battles within the game, for example, players must use one STAR token and one MET token. After awarding the winners, 10% of both tokens are allocated to the burn, helping to maintain balance in the game's token economy.

  3. Resource mining: During resource mining, space ships and sophisticated mining tools can suffer damage. To repair these damages, users will need to pay 50% in STAR TOKEN and 50% in MET TOKEN. The total of these tokens used for repairs is allocated to the burn, thus promoting responsible usage and token scarcity.

  4. Future implementations: The StarMet team will continue to implement more ways to burn tokens to maintain the reduction of the circulating supply and increase the token's value over time. This will help create a robust and dynamic economic ecosystem within the game.

These token burn strategies in StarMet are designed to encourage active player participation, promote balanced resource usage, and increase the tokens' value over time. We hope you enjoy this innovative dynamic in the game!

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