๐Ÿ“˜Whitepaper Objectives

The main objective of this whitepaper is to provide a detailed understanding of the Distinctive features and functionalities of the StarMet metaverse game. This document has The objective is to present in a complete and clear manner the vision, the fundamental concepts, the game modes, usefulness of tokens, device compatibility, equipment StarMet development and roadmap.

Additionally, the whitepaper seeks to present StarMet's unique value proposition by combining tokenized spaceships, texture customization with Artificial Intelligence, and the interaction with STAR and STAR tokens, providing a comprehensive view of the game that StarMet offers to its users.

The whitepaper also seeks to establish the basis for understanding the innovative integration of emerging technologies, such as NFTs, Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality, and its application in a metaverse gaming context, highlighting how these technologies They enrich and define the unique experience that StarMet offers to players.

In summary, the objective of the whitepaper is to offer a detailed and complete overview of StarMet, providing readers with a deep understanding of how this metaverse game pioneer uses cutting-edge technologies to create an immersive gaming experience, interactive and unprecedented.

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