๐ŸงฟExploration and Conquest of Worlds

In this exciting game mode, players will have the opportunity to embark on an expedition across a vast universe to explore and conquer new worlds on board of their tokenized spaceships. This mode offers an immersive exploration experience and challenging, in which players will be able to use their ingenuity and strategic skills to Overcome obstacles and discover secrets hidden in the most remote corners of space.

Limitless exploration

Players will have the freedom to explore a diverse range of naturally generated worlds. procedural, each with its own unique environment, resources and challenges. from planets deserts to lush alien jungles, the diversity of worlds will offer a limitless exploration experience.

Conquest and settlement

Once players have discovered a world that piques their interest, they can take the decision to conquer it and establish a settlement. Resource management, construction infrastructure and interaction with native fauna and flora will be key elements in the settlement process.

Ship customization

Tokenized spaceships will play a crucial role in the exploration and conquest of worlds. Players will have the ability to customize the textures of their ships with the help of artificial intelligence, allowing them to add their own personal brand to their ships while they sail through space in search of new horizons.

Collaboration and Competition

In addition to facing the challenges of exploring and conquering worlds alone, the Players will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other explorers to achieve common goals, or compete in interstellar battles in search of power and recognition.

Recycling and Ship Construction

In the "Ship Recycling and Rebuilding" section of StarMet, players will have the exciting opportunity to collect materials from fallen ships and then take these materials to the foundry and storage centers. Once there, they will have the ability to exchange these materials for the $STAR token, which is th currency used within the game to acquire new items, skills and upgrades.

This material gathering system encourages exploration and strategic combat by offer players the ability to obtain valuable resources from battles space. By collecting these materials and taking them to the foundry and collection centers, the Players will be able to not only increase their $STAR reserves, but also contribute to the growth and development of your experience in the game.

Furthermore, the ability to recycle and rebuild ships from these collected materials promotes creativity, sustainability and customization within the virtual world of StarMet, offering a unique way to participate in the game's economy and progress while They immerse themselves in their exciting and challenging battles.

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