๐Ÿ’ธEarn money by betting against other players

In StarMet, players have the opportunity to participate in exciting one-on-one battles, with up to 50 participants per game, betting the amount of tokens they want based on their experience and possession of STAR tokens. To do this, there will be different personalized rooms with different betting levels, which promises a competitive environment with tempting rewards.

If, for example, each player enters a game with 1 STAR token, at the end of each game, the 50 STAR tokens will be distributed as follows.

  • 25 STAR tokens for first place, granting 50% of the total prizes.

  • 12.5 STAR tokens for second place, representing 25% of the total prizes.

  • 5 STAR tokens for third place, equivalent to 10% of the prizes.

  • 2.5 STAR tokens for fourth place, being 5% of the prizes.

  • 1.5 STAR tokens for fifth place, corresponding to 3% of the prizes.

  • Additionally, 1.75 STAR tokens will go to the token burn wallet, which will reduce the supply in the market to increase the value of STAR tokens over time. Additionally, 1.75 STAR tokens will be allocated for weekly and monthly rewards, which will include unique skins and other MET TOKEN rewards, announced at the beginning of each week and month.

This reward system offers excitement in competition and the chance to earn attractive rewards through MET tokens, ensuring a fair and rewarding environment for all participants in StarMet.

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