๐Ÿ’ฐ$STAR and MET tokens

$STAR and $MET tokens play a crucial role in StarMet. The $STAR token is used for governance and decision making in the game, allowing players to participate in the evolution and development of StarMet. On the other hand, the $MET token is not only used to carry out transactions within the game, but will also be used to trade resources mining such as precious metals and liquid fuels. This trading function gives the $MET token a multifaceted value within the metaverse, as it is not only a currency within of the game, but also acts as a medium for exchanging valuable resources.

The functionality of the $MET token in StarMet is fundamental to the internal economy of the game. Its versatility is manifested in the ability to market all NFTs in the marketplace of StarMet, as well as in the acquisition of new warehouses and mining machinery that are available on the market. In turn, the tokens used to acquire these ships and machinery will be burned, which will contribute to the scarcity of the $STAR token, strengthening its value and fostering a sense of exclusivity and authenticity in the game. This economic ecosystem dynamic and strategic seeks to balance the availability of virtual assets with scarcity controlled $STAR tokens, promoting a strong internal market and a more immersive and authentic game for players.

Together, the $STAR and $MET tokens form the basis of StarMet's internal economy by enabling participation in decision-making and facilitating the trading of resources necessary for growth and development within the game.

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