๐Ÿ“”Terms and Conditions

StarMet proposes an expansive virtual universe, powered by cutting-edge technologies such as the METAVERSE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, NFTs, mining of precious metals and liquid fuels, spaceship battles, a Free Fire style battle experience, exploration of an infinite galactic world. Customized skins for each player using artificial intelligence and much more. However, it is extremely important that each user is fully aware of our token sale policy and understands the WHITEPAPER and terms and conditions.

  1. There will be no refunds: Once a user purchases, be it NFTs or MET tokens or any other asset during the initial offerings (ICO), it is firmly established that there will be no refund option. It is important that participants know this condition before making the purchase, since it represents a definitive commitment to the acquisition of the asset.

  2. The StarMet team will not be responsible for market volatility: By listing NFTs on MARKETPLACE and MET or STAR tokens on exchanges, the StarMet team will not take responsibility for market volatility. It is essential that buyers are aware that once tokens are available on the secondary market, they will be subject to market fluctuations and the team will have no control over such price variations.

  3. Non-responsibility: If for some reason we suffer attacks. Hacks, phishing attacks, failures of collaborators within the team, non-compliance with pre-established dates that could compromise security and therefore the normal development of the project, in this case the StarMet team will not assume responsibilities beyond trying to solve any problem.

  4. Participation limit per user: In the MET token (ICO), a participation limit of: Minimum purchase: 8000 $MET TOKEN (equivalent to 160 USDC of the final phase) is established. Maximum purchase: 16000 $MET TOKEN (equivalent to 320 USDC of the final phase). In the event that a single person exceeds this limit, his or her participation will only be credited corresponding to 320 USDC and the remaining funds will be returned once the (ICO) is completed.

  5. Privacy Policy: The StarMet team is committed to protecting the privacy of (ICO) participants. Personal information will be collected solely for the purpose of equitably distributing token and NFT sales, and such information will not be shared with third parties without consent.

  6. *StarMet reserves the right: * โ€œThe StarMet team reserves the right to make changes to the Whitepaper, the Roadmap or other aspects of the project without prior notice or consultation, if it considers that such changes will contribute to improving the development of the project.โ€

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